Monday, April 13, 2009

Opponents of Racist Saggy Pants Ban in Riveria Beach FL Take to Court

Claim: Ban on apparel impedes expression of identity


  1. I'm not exactly a fan of saggy pants, but I also don't think the government should be dictating fashion. Clothes are a method of self-expression, and people should be allowed to wear what they want.

  2. Right on Katie! Just because some or even most people like it, it should still be allowed. Something tells me to that when you ban something, then they want to do it even more...
    FYI-I'm going to be on TN this Sunday at 10PM

  3. They tried something similar in Dallas. There was an entire campaign with billboards, TV ads (in English, Spanish AND Chinese) and a truly awful rap song, costing who knows how much taxpayer money. And the result: sagging is just as prevalent as ever.

    The best thing to do is to let the people who sag see how easy it'll be for them to get a job looking like that. I guarantee you it'll vanish.

  4. Right on Ian!
    There's always blowback, and makes what is banned more cool and popular. Examples of this include Jazz Music, Tango Dancing, and Regeton, all were discouraged by govt at 1st.
    Just because a 'majority' doesn't like something, that not a justification to ban something....

  5. I never really saw you as chain retailer, maybe you should market them as means of holding up one's baggy pants?