Friday, April 3, 2009

Guitar Giant Carlos Santana Says it's Time to Legalize Pot

Compares current marijuana prohibition to failed alcohol
prohibition in the 20's and 30's

New Powers in Britian Call For Storage of all Emails, Website Visits and Phone Calls

"Inch by inch, the Government's plans to map and monitor everyone's communications are creeping into place. Says Civil Liberties Advocate

Nebraska to Greens and Libertarians (You Don't Exist)

Green and Libertarian Parties not Recognized after failing to meet high 5% threshold, registered voters in both parties to be changed to 'non-partisan' even though they aren't

Utah Finally Relaxes Arcane Liquor Laws

Bar patrons won't have to fill out any more idiotic applications or pay mandatory fees to enter a bar anymore, among other liberalizations

New Family Law in Afghanistan Severely Limits Women's Equal Rights

New law restricts women from leaving their homes without husband's permission, and child custody automatically goes to men

Bicyclist Community in OR Wants to Put the Brakes on Proposed Mandatory Bike Registration Fee

Proposed New Registration Fee Would Charge Virtually the Same as Cars, Cyclists Outraged

Video: TSA Holds and Interrogates Citizen With Ron Paul Paraphernalia for Merely Having $4,700 Cash

MO State Police have also been targeting Ron Paul supporters, Libertarians and others as 'terrorists' and 'militia members'

Iowa Supreme Court Strikes Down Discriminatory Anti Same Sex Marriage Law

Rationale for ruling was equal protection

Welfare State: 10% of US Now on Food Stamps

Level of those on the dole at a record, over 30,000,000 now collecting