Sunday, May 16, 2010

Watch Out: Bill Clinton Calls for New European Style VAT Tax to Solve Deficits

Clinton Fails to Realize the real problem: Out of Control Spending, Especially Entitlements

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A trip to an Estanica in Argentina

Feeling a need to get out of the hustle and bustle of Capital Federal, my wife and I decided to rent a car and head out to Don Silvano Estancia in the northern suburbs.

This time we decided to spend a little bit more and go 1st class, and rented an economy car with Hertz (on Paraguay 1138), right here in the city. Check in was fast, easy and efficient, and my Chevy Corsa was in excellent shape, nice and clean, damage free and even had shiny tires! Also included was insurance and unlimited mileage.

Now, off to the estancia, about 60 miles to the north, we headed on the highway, and reached typical Argentine speeds of 130kpm, and noticed the car was rattle free, and in excellent alignment. The spotless windsheild was also appreciated! I've used cheaper rental companies in the past, and got dirty cars, and even one with a near bald tire and a rattling door once we reached 110kpm.

We got to Don Silvano where they welcomed us with an empanada and wine. Next was a relaxing horse carriage ride, followed by walking around, looking at nice birds (Tucans for one), and other farm animals. Then there was wonderful horseback riding that even a beginner could do, and other fun things, like a bocce alley.

Then lunch, we were seated in a nice big dining hall, where we had a typical Argentine asado, with sausage, morcilla, chicken and good old red meat, with salads on the side. Wine and sodas included. All while the crew performed live regoinal folk music and dance that was very interactive and fun. There was a group atmosphere for sure, adding to the experience.

After was the typical gaucho competition, the sortija, where the cowboys get their horses to gallop at full speed and have to slice through a very small right, also a lot of crowd competition and quite entertaining.

After, having some afternoon mate (tea) and pastries, we went off for another relaxing horseback ride.

After walking around the property and marveling at all the animals etc, it was time to go and head back to the city.

Traffic was heavy coming back, and my little Corsa performed perfectly, especially important in the crazy traffic, and all the aggressive drivers here. Car return was a snap, and we were on our way back to everyday city life.

Overall it was a nice relaxing day at a typical Argentine estancia. We look forward to coming back, especially when we have family back in town.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Federal Government to Send Perfectly Drivable Cars to the Scrap Yard

New program will send cars that still have utility, (especially for the poor) to the scrap heap prematurely, in order to artificially jump start the auto industry.