Monday, March 9, 2009

CA Police Wasting Resources and Harrassing Motorists With Seat Belt Enforcement Patrols

Patrol in effect even though over 95% buckle up and it being a victimless 'crime'


  1. Agree ... all police depts throughout usa should not be enforcing click it or ticket . Does law enforcement work for the insurance companies or are they strickly in place to protect and serve citizens ?!
    The word has been put out (education) that seat belts save lives. That is where it should END.
    If someone is driving in a dangerous manner .. that is where law enforcement should step in.

  2. Right on, what the pro seat belt law people will tell you is that we are all involved, as not wearing seat belts leads to more injuries, and therefore higher insurance premiums. My answer is then there should be mandatory tooth brushing laws as that will reduce insurance costs through better teeth, it can go down a slippery slope!