Monday, January 19, 2009

FL State Sen Proposes Mandatory "Deadbeat Dad" T Shirts

Bill Calls for Deadbeat Dads to Wear T Shirts as Part of Punishment


  1. Why not a tatoo with a serial number? That´ll teach them!!! Oh no, wait! That was already used in WW2... It must be pattented... forget it, wont work. But well, we get the idea...

  2. How about embedded RIFD chips at birth...Much more effective! No more DNI needed too, look at the benefits! Scanner by the neck for identification...

  3. Could you be even born being a deadbeat dad? I´m sure they´ll find some way to demonstrate it (and convice everyone on how effective their method is). Prevention will be the next excuse for the last step on taking away all individual liberties.